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  If there is anything that we may do for you, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience at 972/758-9440
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Training Seminars

We recommend training courses to be completed in a classroom setting. The ability to use a computer while training significantly increases the success of a program as compared to training in a “demonstration” mode. With our program, it is our goal to have each student leave after half a day with high confidence levels.

During class, students are given many exercises to complete to reinforce the topics discussed in class. We provide each student with their own manual as a reference for the future. We believe in providing an interactive classroom environment for training.

 GoldMine Courses    GoldMine Administrative Courses

Basic - This course is for the GoldMine novice, it covers basic navigation and calendaring activities.

Advanced - This course is for the person who has already gone through Basic Public and/or Corporate training course. This person is moving towards being a "Power user" of GoldMine.

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This course is for someone who has taken either Basic and/or Advanced Public and/or Corporate training. This class is ideal for someone in a management, supervisory or Information Technology role.

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 Other Product Courses

QuoteWerks - From Quote Creation to Contact Management (GoldMine) Integration to Management Reports this hands-on course is designed to increase your quoting productivity.

OmniRush - Learn how powerful this product is and become an expert at linking GoldMine to OmniRush.

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   Custom Training  
  If you’re interested in “Custom” or what we call “Corporate” training, we can customize the syllabus and/or develop a “Procedural” manual based upon your company’s processes. This custom procedure manual is built from scratch with actual screen shots from your software system. The manual uses the client’s Goldmine screens and covers the basics for each department/unit. If necessary, additional documentation is created for each department/unit, which is geared specifically for their individual procedures and “uses of the software.  
Seating is limited! Call or E-mail us to request a schedule and reserve your seat today! 972-758-9440 training@avalonsi.com
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