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The GoldMineŽ add-on that everyone is talking about!

Making the GoldMineŽ Details Tab really useful.  
  • Details PlusTM runs alongside GoldMine providing greater flexibility and configurability of the Details Tab. Details Plus allows the Info Tab fields to hold numeric or date fields, and character fields of different lengths.
  • Details PlusTM enables you to alter the layout of the Info Tab for every type of Detail, and enables you to change the labels and lookups.
  • Details PlusTM allows you to configure the Details Info Tab to store information in more then the 8 fields currently allowed in GoldMine, with 4 extra character fields and one extra Notes field.
  • Details PlusTM has powerful Detail search capabilities, letting you specify multiple criteria on which to search, video buttons to scan through Details meeting the criteria and also to automatically build groups in GoldMine.
  • Info tab fields can be constrained to hold numeric or date fields or character fields of different lengths.

  • The screen layout can be changed for each type of Detail, as well as the labels and lookups.

  • You can search for Details records meeting given criteria, then build GoldMine groups based on those searches!
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