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Start discovering how you can super-charge your GoldMine data!

  • GoldBox has garnered 2 awards for its superior Data Management utilities. GoldMine's first and best add-on product, GoldBox contains an awesome set of features.

Works with:

GoldMine BCM and Sales & Marketing

GoldBox Features
  • Best Import into nearly all of GoldMine's tables
  • Most powerful Update of Main fields and selected Tab fields
  • Superior Export from Main and all Tab files
  • Failsafe and Fastest Merge-Purge and Dedupe of any GoldMine table
  • Finest Group Builder with nearly unlimited inclusion criteria
  • Easiest method to replicate User INI Settings from 1 to many
  • Instant listing of all unique values in any GoldMine field (dBase only)
  • Automatic Area Code Split Replacement based on defined table
  • Most precise direct parsing of ASCII files to dBase tables
  • Feature-rich Browser of all GoldMine tables (dBase only)
  • Direct link from GoldMine to any other MSSQL-7 table (SQL only)
  • Relate the Contact File to itself, or to any other Contact File
  • Lockout feature for client's copy of GoldBox-5
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