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Utilize OmniRush to optimize your time by sending out information from your literature library right from your workstation. Performs print-to-fax with any Windows programs. All fax activity is recorded in the Contact History tab so you can see exactly what has been sent to the contact.

OmniRush does more than just fax.
  • Print to multiple printers on your network (even label printers)
  • Email merged attachments
  • FedEx and UPS Shipping
  • Text to Speech
  • Credit Card Processing

OmniRush software completely automates the entire process. With the edition of OmniRush you can setup a fax library of documents (including Adobe .pdf), fax from Microsoft Word (attach documents), have standardized or personal fax cover pages, receive incoming faxes and even fax via the Internet (recommended). OmniRush works best when GoldMine is hosted to a Microsoft SQL database. The FrontOffice edition of GoldMine has a full version of Microsoft SQL bundled with this version.

  Hardware Specs:*
  • Dedicated machine (high-end workstation)
  • Minimum Pentium III 733 MHz or better
  • Minimum 196 Meg RAM or better
  • Microsoft Word 2000 or better
  • Windows 2000, Windows 2003 Server
  • Brooktrout TRUFax or TR114 modem (if not Internet faxing) - regular data/fax modems are not reliable nor supported.

*As your fax volume increases your processor and memory should also increase.

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